Meet the team

Augustin Marin
Founder & Director
Alexander Thumm
Lead Developer
Nathan Jones
Head of Brand
Nick Burns
Psychometrics Advisor
About Augustin

Augustin Marin is a Developmental Educator and a registered NDIS Therapy Provider with over six years of experience in the disability sector. Holding advanced degrees in Disability Studies, Fitness, and Business, Augustin has dedicated his career to enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of people of all abilities. He is the founder of The Academy of Superheroes and the innovative Octoverse Studios, where he develops digital mental health solutions. His approach to therapy is unique, focusing on creating enjoyable and empowering experiences that improve wellbeing without the feel of traditional therapy.

About Alexander

Alexander Thumm is a pioneering game designer and the CEO and Creative Lead of Lamplight Forest and Orchid of Redemption. With a PhD that bridges music technology and game design, Alexander holds a US patent for expressive musical gameplay. His career has involved collaborating with RMIT University on projects that integrate game technology into learning and therapeutic contexts. A recognized speaker at international conferences and festivals, Alexander’s expertise spans gameplay programming, art direction, and narrative design, making significant impacts in the gaming industry.

About Nathan

Nathan Jones serves as the Head of Brand at Octoverse Studios, bringing a unique blend of psychology and media expertise to the Superhero Gym app. With a PhD in Psychology focusing on emotion expression, Nathan’s extensive background includes roles as a youth worker and a youth ambassador, as well as over a decade as the voice of Nickelodeon Australia. His deep understanding of audience engagement shapes the brand strategy at Octoverse Studios, ensuring that Superhero Gym offers an inclusive, joyful, and transformative experience for users of all ages.

About Nick

Nick Burns is a former academic with twenty-three years of experience in cognitive psychology, specialising in the impact of environmental and physiological factors on cognitive function. His work has addressed critical issues from the effects of neurotoxins and nootropics to ageing and disease-related cognitive decline. At Octoverse Studios, Nick applies his vast expertise to the development of brain training games for the Superhero Gym app, ensuring that each game is scientifically grounded and designed to maximise cognitive benefits.

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