At Octoverse Studios, our strength lies in our diverse team of innovators, each bringing a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table. This collective drive propels us forward in the rapidly evolving field of digital health. Today, we invite you to meet some of the brilliant minds behind our cutting-edge projects.

Augustin Marin - The Visionary Leader

Augustin Marin, our founder and CEO, is a developmental educator with a profound commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals with disabilities. His interdisciplinary background in disability studies, fitness, and business administration drives our mission to make therapeutic services accessible and engaging through digital solutions.

Alexander Thumm - The Creative Force

Alexander Thumm, our chief game designer, is known for his exceptional skills in narrative and gameplay integration. With a PhD that bridges music technology and game design, Alexander brings a creative flair to our projects, ensuring that each game is not only functional but also deeply immersive and enjoyable.

Nathan Jones - The Brand Architect

Nathan Jones, our Head of Brand, leverages his extensive psychology and media background to connect with our audiences on a deeper level. His strategic insights help shape the engaging and inclusive branding that defines the Octoverse experience, making each interaction memorable and impactful.

Nicholas Burns - The Research Pioneer

Dr. Nicholas Burns, our lead cognitive scientist, applies his expertise in psychology and cognitive assessment to develop games that are both fun and therapeutically beneficial. His research ensures that our games are grounded in scientific principles, providing real benefits to users' cognitive health.

Uniting for Innovation

Together, our team at Octoverse Studios collaborates to push the boundaries of what digital health can achieve. Our collective expertise and dedication ensure that every project we undertake is innovative, scientifically validated, and, most importantly, aims to improve the lives of those we serve.